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Hello, I’m Hailey Vest. I’m an actor working and living in New York City.


I grew up in the heart of Colorado where I found my love for performing as a child retelling fairy tales and dancing around the kitchen with my mom.  Since then, my art of story telling expanded and includes acting for film and theatre, directing, improv, modeling, seventeen years of dance training, and stage combat.  I hold a BFA in Performing Arts from Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), am currently studying Meisner at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, and I continue my love of improv at The Magnet Theatre.


My most notable roles include Emily Baker on CBS’s Bull, Becky Shaw from "Becky Shaw," Little Red from "Into the Woods," Emma from "Take With Water," and Jessica from "Graduated and Unemployed."

So who is this Hailey Vest you ask?  I like to start my days bright and early with a cup of coffee, explore outside, and write/produce my own work. I love fitness and work as a personal trainer to pay this crazy New York rent.   Yes, I am a natural redhead and sunburn easily, but don’t worry — I bring my own sunscreen.


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